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Fábrica de água da torneira

Satellite monitoring for Anti-Algae project in Sorocaba -SP

We offer reservoir monitoring using satellite imagery for different morphometric and water quality parameters.

ORBTY used satellite monitoring to validate an innovative technology that prevents the development of algae blooms in reservoirs. The Anti-Algae company has developed a solution to reduce algae blooms in reservoirs based on the emission of ultrasound into the water column. This technology affects the algae's buoyancy system, which prevents them from reaching the water surface to perform photosynthesis.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-11 at 15.07.04.jpeg

Floating equipment from Anti-Algas that emits ultrasound 

In this sense, ORBTY together with Anti-Algas employed the ultrasound system in conjunction with spatial monitoring of a public water supply reservoir in the city of Votorantimm (SP), for the sanitation company Águas de Votorantim. ORBTY used the latest algorithms to continuously monitor the average chlorophyll-a concentration using satellite sensors such as Sentinel 2 MSI and Landsat 8/ 9 OLI.

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