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Reservoir Monitoring

We offer reservoir monitoring using satellite imagery for different morphometric and water quality parameters.

Analyzed Parameters

Water quality:

- Chlorophyll-a,

- Trophic State,

- Algae Bloom,

- Macrophytes,

- Turbidity,

- Water Temperature.

Morphometric and climatic data:

- Reservoir extension,

- Rainfall,

- Burnt area in the basin,

- Changes in the land cover.


Information Provided

The information is available within an easy-to-use web platform. On this platform, the user can quickly analyze both the historical and the current condition of the reservoir, using cloud computing.

The platform layout can be modified and discussed according to the user's interests. Through the web platform the user can follow information such as:

 Maps of the current condition of a given parameter along the reservoir

 Maps displaying the historical condition of a given parameter along the reservoir

Graphs showing the temporal variation of a given parameter


The App below is an example of a platform that can be developed. AlgaeMAp was developed by the Geotechnology Laboratory (Ufpel), with the support of Google and members of Orbty.

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